Remember 4 Faith

About 12 years ago I went to an "Intro to Scrapbooking" class. I've always been "crafty" (I inheirited that from my grandmother) so I fell in love with scrapbooking! I started working on albums and loved decorating the pages.

A few years go by and I started to realize the power that these albums held. Even as young as 2, my son Reagan LOVED to look through his book. He would point to the pictures and tell me who everyone was. He had fun learning about his little life through those pages.

Another thing that occured was I began to realize I could be "mad as fire" at my hubby or child but when I started REMEMBERING and looking back at our life together, I just fell more and more in love with them. I began putting more emphasis on the journaling - telling the story - and less emphasis on the decoration. I finally realized that preserving the picture and telling the story were the things that really mattered!

After resisting for several years, I became a Creative Memories Consultant. I saw the power in remembering and wanted to equip others to do the same thing. What a ride that has been! Nine years of ministering to people through their photos. Countless stories of life, how God has worked, heartache, pain, comfort and joy ~ all within the pages of an album. What a priviledge to help these families document their lives!

The turning point in my albums and in my business was when a dear friend, Kimberli Brackett, said something I will never forget. "There is absolutely NOTHING we can do that will GUARANTEE our children will read the Bible when they grow up. We can take them to church, pray for them, teach them the Word, etc. but we can not guarantee they will read it. What I can guarantee though is that my child will read their albums! Why? Because they are in them! We are selfish people and want to read about ourselves! With that being said, why in the world are we not pouring God's truth and stories of faithfulness into these albums?!"

That is so very true! My kids love to pour through the pages of their albums! They love for me to read the albums to them. Not to mention if something ever happens to me, they will have my words and feeling preserved for them and future generations to read.

My desire and mission is to help other's preserve their memories, remember God's faithfulness and leave a legacy for those they love. I would LOVE to help you with that very thing! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

I am available for seminars, classes or one-on-one consultations.