Remember 4 Faith

How Do I Start?

In the Old Testament, God commanded the Israelites to use rocks to build monuments to remember His faithfulness. What can we learn from that? What are some characteristics of Rocks?

  1. Simple ~ they aren't fancy or elaborate!
  2. Immediately Accessible ~ In the Middle East there is no shortage of rocks! The Israelites didn't have to leave the area and search for miles to find them.
  3. Endure ~ We need a way to document that will last!

You can use a Journal or a Scrapbook. Don't forget the last characteristic though - make sure it is something that will last for you and future generations!

I've Got My "Rock", now what?

Just start writing! List as many blessings, answered prayers, faith heroes, amazing rescues and valuable adversities as you can think of.  It doesn't have to be in complete sentences or perfect handwriting!

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Need Help?

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